Subscription FAQs

How do I set up a subscription?
It’s easy. Just choose what you want from the shop, add the items to the cart and then follow the steps when you checkout.

Do I need to set up an account and password?
Yes you do. Follow the simple steps when you checkout, and create a password.

Can I suspend my subscription?
Yes. Head to your account page, click on ‘view’ your suspension and then select the ‘suspend’ button with the ‘actions’ window.

Can I change or cancel my subscription?
You can by heading to My Account and making and changes here. Subscriptions can not be changed within 3 days of delivery.

Will you tell me each week when my goods are on their way?
We will email you before we start preparing your order, so if you need to change it you can.

Can I choose which day my order will be delivered?
No. We deliver on a Friday only.

What time will my delivery arrive?
We try and have your goodies arrive in the morning, but sometimes this isn’t possible. We are unable to specify an exact time.

Why can’t I choose tomorrow or the day after for my subscription to start?
Real bread takes time – we freshly mill the grains, weigh the flour, mix the pre-ferments and ferment these overnight, then we mix, bulk ferment, hand shape, prove and bake……and then pack and deliver!

For assistance email or call 0800 427 323