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Whole Fresh Milk 1L plus glass bottle

$8.00 incl. GST

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From Eketahuna Country Meats……

1 litre of fresh milk – Just like it used to taste. We collect the milk – pasteurise – then bottle. Nothing added and nothing taken out either.

Our milk comes from Grant and Charlotte’s farm in Eketahuna where they milk a mixed herd of 400 cows. Around 80% of their herd are A2 cows and this milk is mixed so can’t be marketed as such.

Our milk comes in glass bottles and there is $4.00 deposit on these bottles that is refunded when they returned clean on your next delivery.

The easiest way to clean the bottles is to rinse with COLD water a couple of times- using hot water can make it a lot harder as it bakes the milk residue onto the bottle.


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