Rugbrød – 1.4kg

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Rugbrød simply means “rye bread” in Danish.

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Rugbrød simply means “rye bread” in Danish.

It’s a sturdy 1.4kg loaf that is comprised of organic rye flour (Willowmere Organic Farm in Hororata) that we stone mill fresh. We add coarsely chopped rye grains plus linseed and sunflower seeds and use a sourdough starter.


It’s amazing fresh or toasted and we can slice this thin or thick – we have a new slicer that goes from 5mm to 13mm – your choice.

2 reviews for Rugbrød – 1.4kg

  1. Ben

    Thinly sliced with tomato & avo. Delicious!


    The Best!!! – So filling. Delicious. You just need a thin slice. – I love on it’s own or with butter – even better with garden fresh tomatoes – add cheese if you want.

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