Update: Tuesday 21 April

Capital Millers
We’ve just launched Capital Millers stone ground flour. Now anyone in NZ can buy organic, stoneground freshly milled NZ flour and have it shipped to your door.

We are really pleased to launch Shelly Bay Baker subscriptions. This means hassle-free ordering and delivery of bread, flour, coffee and avocados to your home each week or fortnight. You decide which day your delivery arrives – simple!

Brioche Buns
Soft and light, great for sandwiches, burgers, or just on their own. Made from organic white flour, eggs, butter, salt and a touch of sugar. Not too sweet, not too light – just right.

Bagel and Baguette night
We’re missing our bagels and baguettes so we’re planning an evening delivery of freshly baked bagels and baguettes. You’ll be the first to know when this is happening.

Bread community
So many of you have taken on the challenge of baking sourdough bread. Hundreds of our sourdough starter kits have gone into the community, and we’re stoked to see what’s being baked. Drop into our community page to see some of the latest bread pics.

Real bread takes time – we freshly mill the grains, weigh the flour, mix the pre-ferments and ferment these overnight, then we mix, bulk ferment, hand shape, prove and bake……and then pack and deliver!

Delivery is a flat rate of $4 on all orders.