Sourdough Expert Feature on Radio New Zealand

On Monday, March 19, Sourdough expert Sam Forbes was invited to the Radio New Zealand studios for their Expert Feature segment. The Shelly Bay Baker was featured on an RNZ segment on Fougasse back in November 2017, and there seemed to be enough interest from listeners for them to invite us back.

During this Sourdough Expert Feature bit, Sam sits down with Simon Morton to discuss techniques used in the baking process and reveal all his secrets to email, text and phone questions from listeners.

There are a few good tips in here about the art and science of Sourdough bread. One recurring message was that time & temperature throughout process are very important. And on a non-scientific note, the best way to make better bread is just to make more bread. Keep baking, take notes, and learn from your experience.

Thanks to all those who tuned in and submitted questions. We hope that you learned something new about the Sourdough baking process, and are on your way to becoming a Sourdough expert.

Sourdough Expert Sam Forbes on RNZ

Shelly Bay Baker Gets A Visit From Newtown House

Earlier this month we were visited by Nick Farland and Amy White of Newtown House, a website that is “home to many things – goods of style and soul, stories about the people behind the products and other things that take our fancy.

In this interview Farland & White dig into the background of owner Sam Forbes, and what brought Shelly Bay Bakery to life. He follows Sam’s culinary history, time at the San Fransisco Baking Institute, and his vision for Shelly Bay Baker.

Le Petite France Opens in Wellington with Shelly Bay Baker Baguettes

A new French delicatessen has opened in Wellington, and features “some of the best Baguettes I have eaten in New Zealand,” says Owner Olivier Schille in a recent post on​. The shop features a range of wines, cheese, pasta and other French foods.

Le Petite France is located on Blair St. and is open Tuesday-Sunday. Be sure to grab a baguette when you visit and say hi to Oliver for us!

Sam Talks Fougasse with Simon Morton on Radio New Zealand

Simon Morton of This Way Up visited Owner and Head Baker Sam Forbes a to discuss the ever popular Fougasse Flatbread. Hailing from Provence, France, the Fougasse is a traditional flatbread that we typically spread with rosemary olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt.

Fougasse Recipe & Interview

Simon Morton convinced Sam to give up our secret Fougasse recipe, and you can find it over on the Radio New Zealand site.

To learn more about the bread making process and pickup some tricks and tips, have a listen to the radio segment below.